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Ian Smith


In 2015, Ian Smith became a very mature Photographic student at the University of Bolton, (UOB). 

 A few milestones were reached during his final year at UOB, he reached his 50thwedding anniversary, became 70, and gained a First in photography. 


 Born in St Mary’s hospital Manchester, he has had a tendency to move frequently with his family a Son & a daughter. Germany, Belgium, South of England, Carlise, North Wales & now South Lancashire. This nomadic disposition is reflected in his photography.


Studying photography provided Smith with an opportunity to produce well researched bodies of work that have been well appreciated in his solo exhibitions.

He is frequently heard to say, ‘It’s not just about the camera’. This suggests that he provides considered work, along with a message to public at large, whether this is his campaign work in raising awareness of prostate cancer, or, his heritage & conservation work ‘Unusual Listed Buildings.’

Smith’s current success in his campaign work is in the field of prostate cancer awareness. His body of work: ‘Prostate cancer, Every Picture Tells a story’, (launched 2018), has achieved a positive impact in raising awareness. See more information on the website (insert link)  The success of this exhibition which has been on public display in the N West of England for over 12 months,  has inspired Smith to create a second body of work, ‘The Prostate Gap’, focusing totally on the ethnic minorities & the underrepresented groups in the community. 

Much collaboration with charity groups, NHS support, Macmillan, specialist support groups and survivors of prostate cancer have played a major part in the success of his photographic work. His natural ability to create a positive working relationship at all levels has proved a big asset. Whether it was organising families on the Outer Hebrides whilst following in the footsteps of Paul Strand, an early 20thcentury photographer, who stayed on South Uist, or access to lower league football grounds to complete a project, all these partnerships have proved a strong foundation for current projects.

 He saves the greatest praise for all the subjects and their families that been brave enough to put themselves forward be photographed to support many many other men they will never ever know to promote early diagnosis of prostate cancer.


Appreciation and love are shown to his own wife & family who have supported him through-out his own prostate cancer journey.


His new body of work; ‘The Prostate Gap’ is planned to be launched in March 2020, to coincided with prostate cancer month.


July 2019.

240x240 no light Ian Smith Photography S

Ian Smith

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